What Exactly Is The Process To Sell My Home?

Selling a home can be difficult. It can also be confusing. It’s a shame, really, because it doesn’t have to be.

Having the right Realtor® can help keep the process smooth, easy, and profitable. I work hard to do this with every client. The following process summarizes the steps I work through to sell each and every home.

First, I’ll take the time to meet with you in your home, preview the property and understand your goals. I’ll work hard to help you understand the current local real estate market so that you can have the right expectations regarding the time frame of the sale and value of your home.

I then will research the specific community in which your home sits to determine the market value. I call this a Comparable Market Value (CMA). This detail will allow me to compare your home’s amenities to others that have recently sold and others that are currently on the market.

With this understanding, I’m better able to market the property in a way that excites potential buyers. It also helps to ensure that we sell the home at the highest possible price.

Next, I meet with you again to deliver the CMA and discuss the marketing strategy. Together we will determine the fair market value of your home. I will explain why it is important to have the home priced appropriately taking condition, location, amenities, and comparable homes into consideration.

Now Is It Time To List My Home?

Yes, it is time to now put your home “on the market” so we can get buyers interested to preview. It is at this time that I implement the blue print for marketing your home, using cutting edge technologies alongside traditional marketing methods. These include, but is not limited to:

• Creating a unique website for your home that helps to present it in the most attractive light to potential buyers

• Create a custom property flyer to place on the for sale sign for people who are driving by

• Listing the property through MLS with appealing photographs and specific detail

• Listing the property on popular websites, like,,,,, and many more sites.

• Marketing the home through the popular search engines and social networking sites

• Marketing the home through the popular search engines and social networking sites

• Sending out mailings to local neighborhoods marketing your home as “Just Listed”

• Sending out mailings to local neighborhoods marketing your home as “Just Listed”

Why Do I Do All of This?

There are a lot of real estate agents that will list your property and then wait for a prospective buyer to reach out to them. That doesn’t result in the fastest possible sales process, nor the highest possible selling price. Instead, it provides lackluster results.

As a member of the various Realtor® Associations I belong to, I’m committed to delivering the highest level of customer service while maintaining honest communication, integrity, and a commitment to ethics.

It’s impossible for me to do all of these things if I simply list your property and then rest on my laurels until someone bites.

Instead of doing that, I’ll put intense effort into marketing your property to the widest possible audience of interested buyers. In the end, you’ll experience a quick sale with a great profit margin.

Contact me now, via phone (7-days a week, any time from 9 AM to 7 PM at (407-637-4634) or email ( to find out how I can provide you with a free CMA and help you sell your property quickly, profitably, and without a single ounce of frustration.